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    compress your data 15% more than normal method


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    compress your data 15% more than normal method

    Post  vinodnerella on Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:07 pm

    if you compress any file using winrar not much size is reduced

    this trick will help you to manage the computer disk space using file compression utilities.

    Follow the given steps to compress your data with advanced parameters:
    After installation launch winrar, the first screen will appear with many options.

    Now right click on your file and then select the option "Add to archive" from the context menu.

    Here a window dialog will appear with title "Archive name and parameters".
    In General tab, click on "Compression Method" button to select the "Best" option from dropdown menu.
    Now select the Advanced tab and click on Compression button to display the advanced compression parameters.
    Now under the "Text Compression" area,
    select "Force" radio button and change the "Prediction order" value to 63 then
    change "Memory to use" type to 128.
    Now click Ok button to finish the process.
    This compression method will help you to compress your data 15% more than normal method.

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